Why Vork is the future of workplace communication

Why Vork is the future of workplace communication

You might be thinking to yourself "Here we go again, not another communications tool", but if you give me 3 minutes I can explain why Vork may be the tool for you.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown, you can read the Vork Vs. Series.

Let's start with the basics.

What is Vork and why should I care?

With 75% of companies across the U.S stating their teams will soon be hybrid or fully distributed, it's clear that the workplace is changing and, with it, the way we communicate and collaborate as well. The problem is that the vast majority of workplace communication tools were built with in-person teams in mind and, though we try to make them work (by doing things like adding extensions), they rarely work as intended and oftentimes complicate things (configuration, payments, etc).

After getting tired of trying to find and configure Slack extensions to enforce best communication practices, we decided to build Vork 一 an opinionated communications and collaboration tool. Vork being opinionated simply means that every feature added is there to enhance productive communication and collaboration for hybrid and distributed teams without all the extra fluff.

It's a rather bold statement, but tools such as Slack and MS Teams are dated and aren't built for the future of work. Here's some reasons why:


Although there's been a spike in usage of Slack and MS Teams, people are beginning to realize that these tools hurt productivity rather than enable it. This is because Slack and MS Teams are constant distractions (Notifications anyone?).

Vork's entire philosophy is about increasing productivity and driving engagement and as such, every feature is designed to enable healthy communication and collaboration. Features such as Slash commands allow you to send messages quicker, topics keep conversations organized for quick and easy access, topic previews allow you to see all your conversations at a glance, etc. With Vork, the goal is to give you what you need to drive focus and not only promote productivity, but also sustain it.


20% of remote workers have stated that they are lonely. This is due to the fact that current communication and collaboration tools aren't great at driving employee engagement. Because of this we're starting to see a spike in the usage of tools like gather (Check it out, it's awesome 😄). Employee engagement is important because it's what helps drive company culture. With our passive voice chat and Networking Space (coming later this year), we have all the features in place to keep you and your team engaged throughout the workday.


Another 20% of remote workers have stated that collaboration has suffered since transitioning to a remote setting. This is because tools like Slack and MS Teams don't have native features to drive collaboration.

To get things started, Vork has a native Miro integration that enables maximum collaboration in meetings and our passive voice chat allows you to quickly jump in and out of conversations. While we don’t yet have all the collaboration features integrated, you can rest easy knowing that Vork will have 1st party support for tooling that maximizes productivity.

Are you saying tools like Slack & MS Teams are bad?

Definitely not (Microsoft & Salesforce please don't eat me 😰). We're merely stating that Slack and MS Teams have different goals than us and thus Vork may be better suited for your team.

Choose Slack If ...

You want flexibility. Their integration system is second to none so if you need a communications tool that you can shape into what you need, Slack may be the tool for you.

Choose MS Teams If ...

Your company is an enterprise and you use the MS Suite. It has native integrations so if you work a lot with MS Word, MS Teams may be the right tool for you.

Choose Vork If ...

You just want to get work done while engaging with your peers. No need to configure Vork and sift through tons of extensions just to make Vork semi-productive. All you have to do is join and Vork will automatically increase overall productivity and engagement. If you can do without all the bells and whistles, just want to get work done with an engaged and productive team, then Vork is the tool for you.

Vork - Beta

Vork is currently in closed beta so we don't recommend you make a full switch just yet, but if you would like to try it out and give feedback, feel free to sign up for the beta here: https://govork.com/beta